Things You Should Know Before Removing the Speed Limit of Your M1 Plus Gen 2

The upgraded M1 Plus can not only meet your daily riding demand, but also satisfy your desire for exciting cycling by breaking the original speed limit. Your M1 Plus Gen 2 is able to reach a higher speed after getting rid of the default speed limit.

Before freeing your e-bike from the initial speed limit for an exciting speeding experience, here are the things you should know and follow.

How to set a new speed limit?

Your M1 Plus Gen 2 requires simple operations to remove the starting speed limit.

  • Step 1 - Turn on the LCD dashboard.
  • Step 2 - Long press both the “+” and “-” buttons to enter P01 menu.
  • Step 3 - Short press the ON/OFF button a few times till it shifts to P08 menu.
  • Step 4 - Short press the “+” or “-” to change the speed limit. The default value is 25km/h. Short press “+”, and you’ll get a higher speed limit. It can be altered within 0~100km/h.
  • Step 5 - Long press “+” and “-” again to save the change and go back to the main interface.

Note: due to the 250W motor, M1 Plus Gen 2 can reach a no-load speed no more than 36km/h after changing the speed limit.

What are the local regulations for the speed limit of e-bikes?

Before you eliminate the original speed limit, it’s vital to learn the local rules about the speed limit of electric bikes. According to EU regulations, electric bikes are limited to 25km/h (15.5mp/h). If EU regulations are applied and implemented in your country, please obey the e-bike laws and don’t set the speed limit higher than 25km/h.

Is it under warranty after removing the speed limit?

For your own safety, we don’t suggest you remove the initial speed limit. The warranty of your Eleglide bike will be void if you deactivated the 25km/h limit for a higher speed. And you’ll be liable for all the loss and damage caused by your own behavior.

If you’re aware of all the rules above and well-prepared for cycling beyond the speed limit, then go enjoy your thrilling trip with Eleglide M1 Plus Gen 2!

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  • Rokas

    Hello. I would like to know if there’s any possibility to remove the speed limit on Eleglide M1 Plus Gen 1?

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