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Bike to Coastline

Expands Your Horizons: up to 100KM on a single charge

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Bigger Tire, Smoother Ride

Comfortable By Design

We make sure that the products we manufacture have been designed to fit seamlessly into every lifestyle. Regardless of the distance that needs to be covered, our ergonomically-focused design processes ensure that riders travel in absolute comfort.

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Sustainability is our calling

Eleglide is about environmental responsibility and commitment to a sustainable future. We aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by decreasing humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels. But we never compromise on quality in our pursuit of environmental responsibility. What we’re calling for is sustainable quality and sustainable environment.

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The Eleglide F1 e-mountain bike costs only 700 euros and still offers more than many much more expensive e-MTBs thanks to full suspension, folding mechanism and 21-speed gearshift. We have tested it and show whether it is worth buying.
These Eleglide bikes do what they’re supposed to and that is provide an affordable electric bike option for buyers on a tight budget. Let’s not forget that most ‘high-end’ branded electric bikes often start near to £2000 and with the Eleglide range starting at around £600 it makes e-bikes accessible to those with limited funds.
The Eleglide M1 is an entry-level electric bike, but it performs well in this category, we can also say that it is a true value for money champion. It features a mountain bike-like design and a sleek design, and the alu frame provides a good foundation for the whole thing. The shift and disc brakes are mediocre, but they do their job well.
Eleglide M1 Plus is an interesting electric mountain bike with a beautiful design. It offers a good range of up to 50 km in pure electric mode thanks to a 12.5 Ah battery, large 27.5 ″ wheels with tires for any terrain, disc brakes and comfortable driving on roads or light terrain.
Eleglide's mountain bike is well balanced, the combination of the front fork and the rear shock absorber manages to handle shocks and vibrations well, and it is precisely on gravel roads that you can understand the excellent work that the company has done.