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Lead the Way Forward

Ride with Eleglide, and you no longer need a drive for commute or trips. Eleglide can be the one to take you to the places that you like. Eleglide is about to change your way of commuting into a greener and better one. We are here to lead your way forward.

Why Choose Eleglide

Eleglide is founded to create eco-friendly products of high qualities, affordable and accessible to all. No matter who you are, and where you live, you can always find that Eleglide products fit you well. You don't only get the best value for your money, but also contribute to the ecology while choosing Eleglide's products.

We're High-standard

With professional engineers team and top-notch modern information equipment, our factory is specialized in overall bicycle design, production and testing.

We strive for perfection and strive to achieve the best details of each bike, to ensure the quality of the product and to meet the requirements of our customers.

Featured in

Eleglide is gaining more and more space in the world of electric scooters and bikes, in part thanks to an excellent price-quality ratio. We were particularly impressed during our test of the Eleglide M1 Plus, a bike designed for trails, affordable and efficient. This time, the manufacturer extends its range with two new models. The Citycrosser is intended to conquer cities, while the Tankroll was designed to conquer all terrains.
We received one of Eleglide's latest electric bikes for testing, which goes by the name Tankroll, and it fits, as with its extra wide wheels, it really looks like a tank that can go on any terrain. We already have experience with the manufacturer, we have visited several of their models, which have a particularly good price/value ratio, so we were curious to try this "beast".
Eleglide M1 Plus is an interesting electric mountain bike with a beautiful design. It offers a good range of up to 50 km in pure electric mode thanks to a 12.5 Ah battery, large 27.5 ″ wheels with tires for any terrain, disc brakes and comfortable driving on roads or light terrain.
The Eleglide brand has made a name for itself in recent months, largely thanks to facilitated deliveries in Europe and low prices for quite honorable quality. As you will see, the level of equipment impresses, not to mention the materials, the assemblies and even the technical data.
Lately, you couldn't help but see the rise of electric two-wheelers if you live in town. Eleglide has tackled mountain bikes here with the Eleglide M1 Plus and more specifically for use in the mountains (therefore reliefs, dirt roads, bumps), use which requires great solidity, well-bumped suspensions and excellent grip.
I'm lucky enough to have ridden the previous version of the Elegelide M1 and even tested it, so I know it's definitely one of the better Chinese e-bikes out there. A particularly good point for customers is that the bicycle, which has a range of up to 100 kilometers, fully complies with domestic legislation, so the police will not punish anyone.