Designed to ride with its pedal-assist mode and comes with a free add-on set of extra throttle for your convenience.
25 km/h
Max Speed
10.4 Ah
5 Modes
Speed Mode
21 Shimano
Gears Shifter
EU Local
After-sale Service
Soak up the bumps by full-suspension system
Full-suspension system help reducing fatigue, which in turn can allow you to ride faster, for longer, with greater comfort
Foldable and easy to carry
It can be easily folded and nicely tucked into your car when you go camping or traveling with your family.
Removable Battery
18650 10.4Ah Lithium battery gives a mileage of 80km on a full charge and it can be ejected easily to charge it at your convenience
Comfortable and powerful
250W powerful motor provides an unprecedented performance
21 Shimano gear shifter system coupled 5 moped mod
21 Shimano gear shifting system allows you to ride the bike with complete control even on rough roads
6km/h Push mode
The Push mode allows riders to take the bike through steep hills and mountains with great ease
Easy Assembly
Simply install the front wheel as instructed in the manual and you are good-to-go
  • Dual Disk brake
  • CST Tyre
  • LED Front Light
  • Front Suspension
  • Vacuum Foam Saddle
  • Gear protector