How to Clean Your E-bike

For every cyclist, it’s essential to learn how to clean his own bike properly. Wrong cleaning operations may cause a decline in performance or even a breakdown of a bike, especially an electric bike. Here we have some tips to help you clean your e-bike in a proper way.

What should you do before cleaning an e-bike?

First, you need to prepare some tools for cleaning, such as professional cleaning agents, cloths, brushes, etc. Next, take some measures to protect the electrical parts of your bicycle. Water is no friend of electrical equipment. Therefore, it’s vital to turn off the power and remove the battery and display before cleaning your e-bike. To avoid damage on electrical parts, cover the terminals with a clean and dry cloth or film.

How to do the cleaning? 

Use a soft and wet cloth to wipe the mainframe clean. Dirt that is hard to remove can be scrubbed with a brush and then cleaned with a soft and damp cloth. Do not wash your e-bike with alcohol, gasoline, acetone, or other corrosive/volatile solvents. These substances may damage the appearance and internal structure of the e-bike. Do not soak the bike or wash it with a steam cleaner, a pressure washer or hose.

How often should you clean your e-bike?

If you are a light user who uses the bike gently on clean streets or roads, we recommend cleaning your bike monthly. But if you usually cycle on dirty, muddy or gravel roads, then you should do the cleaning more often. If mud stains stay long on your bike, they will be hard to remove and might even cause a performance decline. Thus, it’s necessary to clean your bike in time when it gets muddy.

Last but not least, a short function check is suggested after cleaning your cycling partner. If it works normally, then you can enjoy a new trip with your clean bike.

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