Top 10 Reasons to Buy an E-bike

E-bikes are getting increasingly welcome. The reasons can be found simply. E-bikes can be fantastic cycling partners for everyone who cycles a lot. Let’s unveil the 10 main reasons to buy an e-bike.

You Can Go Further with an E-bike

There’s no limit on how many kilometers you can ride manually. It depends on your physical ability. But no matter how long you can cycle, an e-bike can always help you go further than a regular bike. With the assistance of an e-bike, you spend less energy for the same distance, so you have more energy to extend your ride and reach further.

Moreover, your ride can last much longer than you might expect, thanks to the increasing battery capacity of e-bikes currently. Like the Eleglide e-bikes, they all feature a long range. In assist mode, M1 can run for up to 65km, Tankroll up to 70km, Citycrosser up to 75km, and M1 Plus, T1 and T1 Step-Thru can go up to 100km on a full charge. With an Eleglide e-bike, it’s no longer arduous for you to have a long-distance cycling journey.

E-Bikes Make Your Uphill Ride a Snap

Cycling on hills used to be challenging and demanding, especially uphill rides that requires a lot of effort and energy. Fortunately, e-bikes make uphill cycling a snap by providing cyclists with strong power, which can increase your stamina and save your knees.

Among different types of e-bikes, torque-driven e-bikes are better for uphill riding. When riding a torque sensor e-bike, you can easily get electric power as soon as you put pressure on pedals even when the bike is stationary. What’s more, according to the pedal assist ratio, the harder you pedal, the more power you’ll gain. Eleglide Citycrosser is a torque-driven e-bike with 5 pedal assist levels, including 20%, 50%, 100%, 150% and 200% assistance. At level 5, your pedaling power will be amplified by 200%. With Citycrosser, you’ll have a smooth and comfortable uphill ride.

Your Commute Will Be Enjoyable with an E-bike

Many people used to avoid cycling to work which they believe it’s cumbersome. Who wants to cycle with hard effort just in order not to be late for work and get sweaty when he arrives at the office? Luckily, e-bikes have saved people from this hard physical work. With enough electric power, commuters can ride faster with much less effort.

E-biking to work, you can enjoy more roadside sceneries, and your commute ride will be more fun. While riding a regular bike, you have to concentrate more on pedaling.

E-Bikes Make Riding Effortless

Compared with conventional bikes, e-bikes consume less of your energy for the same distance. They make pedaling more effortless and, with no doubt, make your ride easier.

E-Biking Is Beneficial to Your Physical Health

E-bikes can mean more biking. Some studies have indicated that people ride more often and ride longer with an e-bike. Evidently, e-bikes are more motivational than traditional ones, which are more likely to get you to exercise.

Besides, e-biking is an ideal form of exercise for the old. They give old people opportunities to enhance their fitness without consuming too much of their energy.

E-Bikes Improve Your Mental Health

E-biking is an aerobic exercise that contributes to limiting the occurrences of panic attacks and social anxiety disorders. It helps to reduce your stress and depression, benefiting to your mental health intangibly but significantly.

E-Bikes Save Your Time on Running Errands

E-bikes are a convenient and efficient means of transport. They can get you to the destination faster than regular bikes and walking. And you don’t have to waste time and bother looking for a parking lot. Apparently, e-bikes are a better option for running errands.

E-Bikes Are Economical

E-bikes are basically less expensive than cars, making them more accessible and affordable for you. Plus, e-bikes can save your money by low energy expenses. The cost per kilometre of driving an e-bike is dramatically lower than driving an electric car or a petrol vehicle.

E-Bikes Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Powered by electricity, e-bikes release no greenhouse gas. Furthermore, they are much lighter than cars, leaving lighter tracks on roads, which can preserve roads for a longer time, sparing a lot of carbon emission that would be generated from the repair and maintenance of damaged roads.

You’ll Have a Good Chance to Explore the World with an E-bike

There are excellent touring e-bikes that can be great companions for your long or short trips. Like Eleglide Tankroll, it’s a versatile fat bike designed for traveling over diverse terrain. It goes smoothly on uneven surfaces, like sand, mud and snow. With it, you’ll have a good opportunity to explore the wilderness of the world.

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