Eleglide | Brand Story

Lead the way forward

Our Story

After witnessing melting icebergs on a voyage to the Antarctic, our founder came home with a new and vivid understanding of the effects of climate change on our planet. What started as a personal mission to lighten his own carbon footprint soon blossomed into Eleglide, the electric bike company that makes low-emission transport effortless, affordable and accessible to all. Our founder understood from personal experience how difficult it can be for people to make the shift to a carbon-neutral lifestyle, which is why every Eleglide product offers a range of features that go above and beyond their environmental benefits.

Our Concept

Convenience and ease of use are the trademarks of our brand, which is why our bikes are built with every kind of user in mind, whether they are young, new to biking, unfit, able bodied, differently abled or senior citizens. Anyone can become part of the change that they want to see in the world. As a brand, we believe that it is possible for an individual to make a change. One small step can move the needle for climate change — it doesn't have to be a wholesale lifestyle overhaul. If we all do our part, we can create a positive effect that will affect the future of millions.

Our mission

We’re dedicated to making daily commutes more environmentally friendly, less expensive, and more enjoyable to change the world for the better.

Our Values

Improvement and innovation

We are constantly looking for ways to advance and improve our products. We aim to add value to our customers’ lives every day by leveraging designs and technologies to improve the effectiveness of electric bikes and scooters.

Comfort by design

We make sure that the products we manufacture have been designed to fit seamlessly into every lifestyle. Regardless of the distance that needs to be covered, our ergonomically-focused design processes ensure that riders travel in absolute comfort.

Value for money

Eleglide is committed to making sustainable transport accessible to everyone. From our excellent value for money to our premium quality standards, we focus on providing a high-quality, affordable experience that goes beyond simply getting from A to B.

Sustainability is our calling

Our brand is about environmental responsibility and commitment to a sustainable future. We aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by decreasing humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels. But we never compromise on quality in our pursuit of environmental responsibility. What we’re calling for is sustainable quality and sustainable environment.

We hope you join this journey together