How to Assemble Your M1 & M1 Plus Gen 2

Step 1: install the front wheel

  • A) Take out the bike and make it stand up.
  • B) Loose the nut to remove the temporary protected bar.
  • C) Insert the wheel between the fork blades so that the axle can seat firmly at the fork dropouts (the slots at the tip of the fork blades).
  • D) Put the gaskets on it and tighten up the nuts.

Note: if the lever cannot be pushed all the way to a position parallel to the fork blade, return the lever to the OPEN position. Then turn the tension adjusting nut counterclockwise and make a one-quarter turn, and try tightening the lever again.

Step 2: adjust the stem

  • A) Undo the stem bolts slightly till you can turn the stem.
  • B) Align the stem with the front wheel.
  • C) Tighten up the stem bolts.

Step 3: install the handlebar

  • A) Undo the handlebar clamp bolts to open the clamp.
  • B) Place the handlebar and make sure the clamp is in the middle of the handlebar. (The brake levers should be in front of the grips.)
  • C) Tighten up the clamp bolts to lock the clamp.

Step 4: install the front light
  • A) Place the front light with the fork brace.
  • B) Secure the light by tightening up the bolt.

Step 5: install the pedals


Step 6: install the seat

  • A) Slide the seat post into the support frame.
  • B) Adjust the seat to a suitable height and fix it by locking the quick-release clip.

Step 7: install the battery

  • A) Put the battery in place as the picture shows.

Step 8: install the reflectors

Step 9: turn the power on

  • A) Press the on/off button on the battery to turn the battery on.
  • B) Press the on/off button on the display to turn the power on. Then it’s ready to go!



  • Norbert Krämer

    Ist der Lenker beim M1 PLUS höhenverstellbar?

  • Displej

    Je možné zaměnit displej M1 & M1 PLUS

  • Liem

    Cannot install throttle, it loose

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