How to Assemble Your M1 & M1 Plus Gen 2

Step 1: install the front wheel

  • A) Take out the bike and make it stand up.
  • B) Loose the nut to remove the temporary protected bar.
  • C) Insert the wheel between the fork blades so that the axle can seat firmly at the fork dropouts (the slots at the tip of the fork blades).
  • D) Put the gaskets on it and tighten up the nuts.

Note: if the lever cannot be pushed all the way to a position parallel to the fork blade, return the lever to the OPEN position. Then turn the tension adjusting nut counterclockwise and make a one-quarter turn, and try tightening the lever again.

Step 2: adjust the stem

  • A) Undo the stem bolts slightly till you can turn the stem.
  • B) Align the stem with the front wheel.
  • C) Tighten up the stem bolts.

Step 3: install the handlebar

  • A) Undo the handlebar clamp bolts to open the clamp.
  • B) Place the handlebar and make sure the clamp is in the middle of the handlebar. (The brake levers should be in front of the grips.)
  • C) Tighten up the clamp bolts to lock the clamp.

Step 4: install the throttle control

  • A) Loose the two screws on the right handle to remove the original handle case.
  • B) Slide the throttle control in and keep it 15mm from the brake control.
  • C) Tighten up the screws to secure the throttle control.
  • D) Connect the cables. The connector is in the hole on the the underside of the downtube. Pull the extension cable to get the connector out of the hole. Then connect the throttle cable and the extension cable.

Note: please follow the local traffic regulations about the installation and use of throttle control. If the throttle control is not allowed to use on bikes, please don't install it.

Step 5: install the front light

  • A) Place the front light with the fork brace.
  • B) Secure the light by tightening up the bolt.

Step 6: install the pedals


Step 7: install the seat

  • A) Slide the seat post into the support frame.
  • B) Adjust the seat to a suitable height and fix it by locking the quick-release clip.

Step 8: install the battery

  • A) Put the battery in place as the picture shows.

Step 9: install the reflectors

Step 10: turn the power on

  • A) Press the on/off button on the battery to turn the battery on.
  • B) Press the on/off button on the display to turn the power on. Then it’s ready to go!


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