How to Choose an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters vary in types, designs, sizes, speed modes, etc. Finding the most suitable one for your own matters a lot, as you will have awesome experiences and a lot of fun with it. To help you find the perfect e-scooter, we have listed a few points with detailed information that can get you clear about what fits you most.

1. Why do you need an e-scooter?

The e-scooter type should first match your reason for using one. If you use it mostly for work or shopping, a short-distance commuter scooter can work well enough for you. If you prefer to use it for exciting and furious cross-country journeys, a professional off-road e-scooter will be more suitable for you. If you intend to ride it for both long-distance commutes and short trips like camping, road trips, etc., you probably need an e-scooter that can run far enough, adapt to both city lanes and off-road tracks, and make your long ride more comfortable and relaxing.

Eleglide has all the e-scooter types that you might need, like S1 and S1 Plus good for short commute, D1 with a seat and off-road design perfect for both long commutes and short trips, and D1 Master with dual motors ideal for exciting cross-country rides.

2. Safety is the most important quality!

Riding an electric scooter under security standards is literally a risk of your own life. The safety design of an electric scooter is absolutely the most significant among all the features. The more considerable security system it has, the safer your ride will be. A security system basically consists of braking system, safe lights, non-slip handles and tires. Eleglide e-scooters all have sensitive disc brake, bright safe lights, anti-slip handles and bigger anti-skid tires. And they even have auto power-off function for a safer instant stop. All are designed to ensure your security of riding as much as possible. Though the e-scooters have high security standards, please don’t forget to wear a helmet before you get on the scooter.

3. How fast do you want?

Since the legislation limits a maximum speed of 25 km/h, all the electric scooters are not allowed to run faster than 25 km/h on roads. But if you are an enthusiast of cross-country rides, you probably prefer a higher speed for more excitement and more fun. Then a more powerful motor is exactly what you need.

The Eleglide D1 Master e-scooter has two 500W motors and three speed modes, reaching a maximum, which is certainly powerful and fast enough for your exciting cross-country rides.

4. How far do you want to go?

When you have decided the e-scooter type, you should think about the longest distance that you want to reach. For instance, electric scooters reaching a maximum range within 30-45km should be able to meet your daily needs, such as commute, shopping, going to cafe, etc. Like Eleglide S1 and S1 Plus, they are both fantastic commuter scooters. If you need a riding distance up to 30km, the Eleglide S1 scooter can’t fit you more. If you need a maximum of 45km, then the S1 Plus with 450Wh battery power will definitely be your best choice. And e-scooters with a maximum range within 70-80km should be capable of your trips and long commutes. Like the Eleglide D1 and D1 Master e-scooters, thanks to their large battery capacities, they are both excellent long-distance vehicles.

5. What size do you need?

It’s necessary to get an electric scooter that fits your size, especially your height and weight. If the handlebar is too tall or too short for you, it’ll make your ride less comfortable and even dangerous, as your hands will probably slip out of the handles. For the concern of height issue, Eleglide e-scooters all come with a height-adjustable handlebar with a wide adjustment range, such as 94-118cm height range of S1 and S1 Plus, 96-119cm of D1 and D1 Master, allowing you to share the scooter with your families or friends of different heights. Besides, the maximum load is as important as the height. If you get a scooter that can’t afford your weight, your every ride on it will be a hazardous journey. So don’t forget to check the maximum load before you order one. When both the height and the maximum load fit you, you might want a wider foot deck that can let your two feet stand on the scooter stably and comfortably. Eleglide e-scooters have 19cm and 21cm wide foot decks that are wider than most of the competitors and are definitely able to meet your extra needs.

6. How comfortable and convenient can it be?

The comfortableness and convenience are the highlights that can make an e-scooter stand out, as they are the reflections of a designer’s care about his/her users. Everyone planning to get a scooter is probably trying to make his/her life more convenient. But what really makes an e-scooter convenient and comfortable might be vague in your mind. Convenience is mainly presented in the folding and carrying design. And the comfortableness is basically shown through the design of shock absorption system.

Eleglide e-scooters are all designed with a simple folding system, taking you no more than 5 seconds to get the scooter folded. For the shock absorption design, Eleglide D1 and D1 Master have terrific full suspension system with both front and rear shock absorption springs, leaving you a more comfortable ride.

Now you should be clear enough to make the best choice for your own. Go get yourself a perfect electric scooter!

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