[REVIEW] The Eleglide D1 E-scooter - Excellent Features & Affordable Price

We recently tested one of the electric mountain bikes, which left a very good impression. What is an electric scooter Eleglide D1?

It attracts with 500 W of power, with a maximum speed of up to 45 km / h and a range of 70 km. But what are the driving characteristics and what is the real range? You will find out in our detailed review.

The Eleglide D1 electric scooter is available now. Delivery from the Polish warehouse will be pleased, so you will be able to use the scooter during this year as well. Delivery takes 2 - 7 working days and of course there is a free delivery without any additional fees.

The content is excerpted from the article of chinaplanets.com: "[REVIEW] The Eleglide D1 electric scooter impresses with its excellent features at an affordable price"

Content and quality of packaging

An electric scooter from the Eleglide brand arrived to us by courier SPS. The complete package is relatively heavy, weighing almost 36 kg. The whole box was covered with yellow foil and arrived without any visible damage.

Inside we find another cardboard box in which the scooter itself is already stored. It is placed in polystyrenes in the folded state. In addition, the package also includes a seat, a charger with an EU tip, instructions for use and a set of screws and wrenches needed to assemble the scooter.

The packaging is exactly what we imagine for a similar product. The second protective box and the inner polystyrene sufficiently protect the scooter from any damage during transport.

Folding the Eleglide D1 scooter

The Eleglide D1 scooter is not one of the classic city scooters you will find in our reviews. Eleglide D1 is a much heavier and heavier scooter. It weighs 27.5 kg and its construction is made of aluminum alloy. In terms of design, it resembles much more expensive and more powerful scooters.

As we have already mentioned, the scooter is placed in a box in a folded state, ie similar to how you can fold it and move it or store it at any time. Assembly into the final form is not complicated at all and everyone can do it in a few minutes.

The first step is to tilt the main steering rod. You can do this by pressing the locking lever at the bottom of the tipping mechanism. After adjusting to the correct position, the steering rod engages in the grooves in the folding mechanism. Simply align the handlebars to the standard position and screw the display into place with four nuts and bolts. Subsequently, it is necessary to fasten the ignition with one screw so that it holds firmly on the handlebars.

The last, optional step is to install the seat that comes with the scooter. The rod into which the seat is inserted is already mounted on the scooter, but has the wrong adapter for the supplied seat. However, this adapter is located on the underside of the seat. The principle thus consists in removing the adapter from the seat post and assembling the second adapter, together with the seat.

Design, quality and layout of elements

The design of the Eleglide D1 scooter is inconspicuously similar to many other Chinese scooters, but from our point of view it is very successful. The scooter is all black and has a robust and high-quality impression. The Eleglide brand states that the scooter is designed for off-road use, to which 8 cm wide 10 ″ tires with a distinctive tread pattern are also adapted.

The clear height of the scooter is about 13 cm, so some terrain and higher curbs should not be a problem for her. The fully sprung construction will also please. In front we find a pair of spring dampers. In the rear there are two shock absorbers, but without springs.

Overall, the suspension is relatively rigid but functional. The unevenness is absorbed really well by the scooter, but the front shock absorbers are not very good. At higher speeds, there is often annoying knocking from the front shock absorbers when driving through uneven ground. The back do not have such an unwanted expression.

Higher scooters will enjoy the possibility of adjusting the height of the handlebars. It can be adjusted in the range of approximately 98 - 123 cm from the ground. Safety is ensured by mechanical disc brakes, which are at the front as well as at the rear. They work in combination with an engine that helps them brake. This time we have the engine located at the rear, which should bring better acceleration compared to the front.

The handlebars have a generous width, 62.5 cm. They are mounted on a classic, circular LCD display with a diameter of 1.38 ″, which has a lever for throttle control. We know this control well from a number of other Chinese electric scooters.

Eleglide D1: Lighting and turn signals

On the left side of the handlebars there is a control with three buttons. One serves as a horn, but not too loud, and the other 2, color-coded to control lighting and turn signals.

The lights can be found not only at the front and rear, as usual, but also in all four corners of the chassis. These corner lights also serve as turn signals. Unfortunately, during the day, such signposts are not very important, because they can only be seen faintly.

It is better during the dark, when this interesting solution stands out. Nevertheless, we would rather welcome the classic turn signals in the back. The brake light is located on the fender, which by the way has a very tasteful design. It shines well and is large enough. The front, white light, is located in a traditional place above the front wheel. Its luminosity is rather average.

Controls and driving modes

The Eleglide D1 electric scooter also comes with a pair of keys that activate the scooter. Turning the key will show the current battery voltage status on a small display next to the right handle.

However, to turn on the scooter, hold down the blue button next to the display for even longer. This lights up the 1.38 ″ color LCD display. Its main element is the display of the current speed. However, you will also find other useful information here, such as the battery status, the distance traveled or the current driving mode.

The blue on / off button toggles between the individual displays - total distance traveled, distance traveled since power on, time, battery voltage and error code (if any). The display is nice to look at, it has a fine resolution, but its visibility outside is relatively low.

There are three driving modes. These are graded based on the maximum speed - 20/35/45 km / h. In each mode, the performance is the same, the only difference is the maximum speed.

Real range test

The manufacturer states a range of up to 70 km on a single charge. However, the small print below this information contains additional information that this range was measured at a speed of 15 km / h in complete windlessness and with a 70 kg rider. But who would ride with such a scooter at a maximum speed of only 15 km / h, when even the weakest mode has a maximum of 20 km / h?

Of course, we tested the range in the strongest mode, in which you can fully enjoy the performance of a scooter. We drove through Košice and the surrounding villages, so we could not avoid the hills and unpaved roads. Our editor weighs approximately 80 kg.

During our test drive, we measured the distance traveled not only with the meter on the display, but we also started monitoring the activity on our smartphone via the Runkeeper application. Since the display does not show the percentage of the battery, we drove until the last of the five parts of the battery flashed. According to the information on the scooter display, we covered 46 km, but according to GPS, it was a little less, 39.68 km.

We expected a weaker range, as we always went at the maximum possible speed, depending on how the conditions allowed. Of course, in the city on the bike paths where a lot of people move, we had to slow down, but in the villages and between them we still went full speed.

Our impressions and experiences of driving the Eleglide D1

We didn't have high expectations from the Eleglide D1 scooter. Nevertheless, it has a power of "only" 500 W and it is a relatively affordable scooter, which only slightly exceeds the limit of 500 €. Right during the first ride, however, came a pleasant surprise at how well this scooter rides.

The performance is quite sufficient and we reached the maximum speed of 45 km / h without any problems, although according to GPS it was a bit less (approximately 38 - 39 km / h). However, the feeling from the ride was perfect. Thanks to the suspension and large, wide wheels, the scooter is extremely comfortable when riding on asphalt.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer presents it as a scooter for the field, we do not think so. Although it can handle easier terrain and absorbs unevenness really well, at higher speeds, there is an unpleasant knocking from the front shock absorbers while driving through unevenness. The unevenness dampens well, but they have an unpleasant sound.

We also praise the wide handlebars, which are very comfortable thanks to the shaped grip. The brakes are effective and both brake with engine assistance. However, when braking with the rear brake, you can feel more that the scooter is also braking by the engine. The throttle is well and smoothly controlled and the scooter has quite good acceleration. However, a longer straight line is required for a maximum speed of 45 km / h.

Folding mechanism and seat

Lowering the scooter consists of several steps. It's easier if you don't use a seat. In this case, it is sufficient to lower the handlebars by pulling the locks in the direction shown by the arrows and also to unlock the lock behind the front wheel in the folding mechanism. Subsequently, the main steering rod is lowered.

If there is a seat on the scooter, it must also be folded down using the lever under the seat, which folds down the seat. However, it is also necessary to unlock the safety catch for folding the entire bar together with the seat. However, the seat folded down in this way introduces the main steering rod when folded, so it is still necessary to turn it slightly so that it does not interfere. This process with the seat is thus slightly lengthy.

A slight negative is the will, which appears in the handlebars after a short drive. However, it is a tax for the possibility of folding both sides of the handlebars to the main rod. Fixed handlebars would be more stable, but at this width the folded scooter would not be too compact.

Battery and charging

The Eleglide D1 has an 864 Wh / 48 V / 18 Ah battery. When charged, it has a voltage of 55 V. The battery is stored in the lower part, where it is protected by the chassis structure. The battery is well protected when hitting a curb or stone that is too high.

The manufacturer states a charging time of 9 to 11 hours. We charged the scooter from an almost completely discharged state to 100% for exactly 8 hours and 20 minutes. The charger has an output of 54.6 V and 2 A. The charging connector is located under the front corner light on the right side and is protected by a rubber cover.

Eleglide D1: Final evaluation

The Eleglide D1 electric scooter surprised us very pleasantly with its riding characteristics. Thanks to the wide wheels and suspension, the ride is extremely comfortable. The front and rear disc brakes and solid range are also pleasing. During our test, we went up to 40 km on one charge at the strongest mode.

Disadvantages include the play in the handlebars, which is caused by tilting, as well as the front shock absorbers, which knock when driving through unevenness at higher speeds. Overall, however, it is an excellent scooter that offers a great price-performance ratio. If you are looking for an electric scooter that is more powerful than classic city scooters and you do not want to invest too much money, Eleglide D1 is a great choice.

If we have convinced you with our review about the purchase of Eleglide D1, then we recommend that you buy now. You don't have to worry about any VAT and customs duties from the EU warehouse and the package will arrive very quickly within a few working days.

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