The Ultimate Guide on Picking an Electric Bike for Beginners

As an easy-to-access, eco-friendly and economical mode of transportation, electric bikes are becoming more prevalent worldwide, especially in Europe. If you’re new to the world of e-bikes and wondering where to start, this ultimate guide is for you.

Understand your intention of using an e-bike

Like regular bikes, electric bikes can also be categorized by usage, such as mountain bikes, road bikes and city bikes. Before buying an e-bike, you should first be clear about your intention of using one. Having a good understanding of your personal demands helps you to pick the type that fits you most.

If you’re going to use it primarily for work and ride it on smooth and flat roads in the city, then city bikes will suit you better as they greatly adapt to city streets. Whether you commute to work or head to grocery stores, a good city bike will always provide you with great urban mobility ease.

For a joyful touring ride around the countryside, you can take a look at trekking bikes, which are considered as hybrids between mountain bikes and road bikes. Simply put, they can run smoothly on both bumpy paths and flat roads. And they usually feature longer range and come with a luggage rack which are a perfect companion for those who love to travel by bike.

To seek for an exciting ride across mountains and jungles, mountain bikes function better in rough terrain. They basically have a suspension fork, sensitive brakes, knobby tires and more durable wheels to conquer uneven terrain.

To cycle through snowy or sandy areas, fat bikes are preferable as they are capable of all-terrain traveling. With wide off-road tires, they provide you with better grip and traction and run better on plush ground.


As one of the core components of an e-bike, the battery does not only power the motor but also significantly affect the range that your e-bike can achieve on a single charge. The longer range you want, the larger battery you need. For a 30km single travel, you’ll need a battery that supports a range over 60km so that it can last long enough to get you back and spare you trouble of charging the battery on your way. The Eleglide e-bikes all feature large battery capacity for longer rides to meet your demands for both daily commutes and trips. In assist mode, the fully charged M1 bike can run up to 65km; the M1 Plus, T1 and T1 Step-Thru can run 100km; the Citycrosser runs up to 75km and the Tankroll up to 70km.

Furthermore, all the Eleglide bikes feature a removable battery, allowing you to charge the battery freely without parking the bike next to a socket and replace it easily while the original battery pack degrades over years of use.


The motor is also important to an e-bike as it provides power to propel the e-bike and defines the maximum speed. The more power the motor has, the higher speed it can achieve. For a daily commuter ride, a medium speed should be fast enough for you. But if you are an enthusiast of cross-country rides, you may prefer a more powerful motor enabling a higher maximum speed for more excitement and fun.


Riding an electric bike below security standards is literally a risk of your own life. The safety design of an electric bike is absolutely the most significant among all the features. The more considerable security system it has, the safer your ride will be. A security system basically consists of a braking system, safe lights, non-slip handles and tires. The Eleglide e-bikes all have sensitive dual disc brakes, bright headlights, reflectors, anti-slip handles, high-quality CST pneumatic tires and a battery protection system. All are designed to ensure your security as much as possible.

Though e-bikes have high security standards, it’s still necessary to wear a qualified helmet to protect your head. As a beginner, it’s better to gear yourself up with additional equipment like knee pads and gloves for a safer ride.

Comfort and Convenience

E-bikes come with a variety of features and accessories, such as derailleurs, suspensions and baskets, to make your ride more enjoyable and convenient. Consider what features and accessories are important to you and look for an e-bike that offers them. For an effortless ride, the Eleglide e-bikes are all equipped with derailleurs, enabling you to accelerate with less effort. For a smooth and comfortable ride across bumpy terrains, the Tankroll as well as the M1 and T1 series both have lockable suspension forks. In addition, the Citycrosser, T1 and T1 Step-Thru are designed with a luggage rack for easy commuting or traveling.


E-bikes can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The cost of an e-bike depends on a few factors, including the type of e-bike, the motor and battery, and the features and accessories. Determine your budget and find an e-bike that fits within it. To stick to great value for money, the Eleglide e-bikes are excellent in performance and reasonable in price, making low-emission transport affordable and accessible to all.


As a beginner, you’ll probably need technical support when you get your new e-bike. Therefore, it’s a guarantee for you to pick a retailer who provides support and assistance after the sale, including maintenance and repairs.

As a user-oriented brand, Eleglide provides an easy, reliable and efficient service for all products under our warranty. The distributors, partners, sellers and re-sellers of Eleglide are required to provide after-sale services directly to their customers.

With the guide above, you’ll easily find the right e-bike to suit your individual needs. Moreover, with advancements in technology, e-bikes are becoming more reliable, efficient, and long-lasting. Go invest in one now, and you'll be enjoying the outdoors, saving money on gas and getting some exercise at the same time!


  • John Griffiths

    Hi from very wet Worcestershire!!
    I felt that your guide to e-bikes was very useful indeed. Many thanks.JG

  • John Griffiths

    Hi from very wet Worcestershire!!
    I felt that your guide to e-bikes was very useful indeed. Many thanks.JG

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