Zero & Non-zero Starts of Electric Scooters

For e-scooter riders, especially novices, it's vital to learn what zero and non-zero starts are. Since it may cause injuries if the start mode is not set up properly. If you're going to ride an electric scooter, the following information will help you understand zero and non-zero starts and choose the right mode for your own.

Zero start: 0s-33s; Non-zero start: 33s-60s;

Zero Start

What is zero start? People who barely or never use electric scooters or bikes are probably unfamiliar with this term. Zero start means the scooter can be started and accelerated instantly by holding the throttle control while it stands still. For those who are practised in the use of electric scooters, zero start is more convenient and preferable. But for green hands, it is dangerous, as the scooter may rush forward before you get ready and balanced. Then both you and the scooter will fall down. Therefore, when the scooter is in the zero start mode, you should roll the accelerator slowly to start the scooter.

Non-zero Start

Non-zero start is simply the opposite of zero start, which means the e-scooter won't run by rotating the throttle control while it stands still. In other words, it needs some external force to get an initial speed and start running. When the scooter is in the non-zero start mode, you need to start the e-scooter just like how you start a kick scooter, with one foot on the footboard and another standing on the ground to push the scooter forward. Once it begins to run, you can keep it moving forward by controlling the accelerator. For those who aren't good at riding e-scooters, non-zero start is safer and easier.

How To Change The Start Mode

To ensure users' safety, most electric scooters are first set in the non-zero start mode. If you prefer zero start, learning to change the start mode is necessary for you. Different brands and models usually have different ways to switch the start mode. As a user-oriented brand, Eleglide requires only a simple operation to change it. First, long press the on/off button to turn the display on. Second, long press the on/off button and the mode button at the same time to enter the hidden menu. Third, short press the on/off button to shift to "P09”. Fourth, short press the mode button and the number below will be 1. Short press the on/off button and the number below will be 0. Number 0 is for zero start, and 1 for non-zero start. Last, long press both the on/off and mode buttons to save the change. Then you can start the electric scooter in the mode you like.


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  • Chuck

    Thanks for the explanation. I just purchased an e-Bike this past February. Have you any other very useful explanations on other parameter settings?

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