Assembly Guide of Citycrosser


Assembly video

Assemble Eleglide Citycrosser

Assembly steps

Step 1: Install The Handlebar

  1. A) Take out the bike and make it stand up.
  2. B) Open the stem clamp by loosing the screws on it.
  3. C) Place the handlebar in the right position and make sure the clamp is in the middle of the bar.
  4. D) Close the clamp and secure the handlebar by tightening the screws.

    Step 2: Install The Front Wheel

    1. A) Put the bike upside down.
    2. B) Remove the temporary protected bar by loosening the nuts on it.
    3. C) Loosen the nuts on the front wheel and insert the front wheel between the fork blades so that the axle can seat firmly at the fork dropouts (the slots at the tip of the fork blades).
    4. D) Tighten the nuts to secure the front wheel.

    Step 3: Install The Front Brake Caliper

    1. A) Loosen the two screws on the caliper.
    2. B) Insert the caliper into the front brake disc.
    3. C) Slide the two screws through the front fork and caliper, and then tighten the screws.

    Step 4: Install The Front Rack and Front Mudguard

    1. A) Loosen the screws on the fork crown and take them out.
    2. B) Place the front rack and the front mudguard in the right position.
    3. C) Slide the screws through the front rack, front mudguard and front fork, and then tighten them.
    4. D) Secure the front rack and mudguard. (There are 2 screws on the fork blades for securing the front rack and 2 screws on the dropouts for securing the mudguard.)

    Step 5: Install The Front light

    1. A) Place the front light in the right position as the picture shows.
    2. B) Slide the screw through the front light and front rack.
    3. C) Secure the light by tightening the screw.
    4. D) Connect the light cable with the bike cable.

    Step 6: Install The Reflectors

    1. A) Install the rear reflector.
    2. B) Install the spoke reflectors.

    Step 7: Install The Pedals

    Step 8: Install The Seat

    1. A) Slide the seat post into the support frame.
    2. B) Adjust the seat to a suitable height and fix it by tightening and locking the quick-release clip.