Assembly Guide of E-scooter


Assembly steps

Eleglide e-scooters all come in an easy-to-install pack. The assembly steps are as follows.

Step 1

Get it out and unfold it

  1. Get the scooter out of the box and press down the folding lever a bit to unfold the handlebar stem and fasten it.
  2. Unfold the kickstand to support the e-scooter and lift up the handlebar.

Step 2

Assemble the display

  1. Place the display on the right handlebar and fasten it in the right position with the tool in the package.


Step 3 (Only for D1)

Assemble the saddle

  1. Lift up the seat post and fasten it with the nut.
  2. Twist the nut to get the seat post ready for the saddle.
  3. Loose the quick release clip.
  4. Put the saddle in the seat post and keep the saddle at a suitable height, then tighten the clip.

Step 4

Turn the power on

  1. Put the key into the keyhole and rotate it to get the power supply. (Please take care of the key.) Then the scooter is ready for your first ride.