Assembly Guide of T1 & T1 Step-Thru


Assembly video

Assemble Eleglide T1 & T1 STEP-THRU

Assembly steps

Step 1: Install The Handlebar

  1. A) Take out the bike and make it stand up.
  2. B) Open the clip by loosing the screws on it.
  3. C) Place the handlebar in the right position and make sure the clip is in the middle of the bar.
  4. D) Lock the clip by tightening the screws.

    Step 2: Install The Front Wheel

    1. A) Put the bike upside down and remove the temporary protected bar by loosing the nut on it.
    2. B) Insert the front wheel into the fork dropouts and make sure the wheel is fully seated.
    3. C) Remove the nut and one spring on the quick release.
    4. D) Slide the quick release through the hub from the opposite side of the brake disc.
    5. E) Slide the spring into the hub and tighten the nut to fix the quick release.

    Step 3: Fix The Headset

    1. A) Adjust the headset of the bike to the right position.
    2. B) Tighten the headset with the M4/M5 socket head wrench.

    Step 4: Adjust The Stem Angle (Only for T1 Step-Thru)

    1. A) Loose the stem with the M6 socket head wrench.
    2. B) Adjust the stem to the angle you want and fix it by tightening the screws.

    Step 5: Install The Headlight

    1. A) Place the headlight in the right position.
    2. B) Fix the light by tightening the screw with the M4 socket head wrench.

    Step 6: Install The Taillight

    1. A) Connect the wire to the taillight.
    2. B) Place the taillight in the right position and tighten the screws to fix it.

    Step 7: Fix The Mudguard

    1. A) Fix the support of the mudguard by tightening the screws with the M5 socket head wrench.

    Step 8: Install The Pedals

    Step 9: Install The LCD Display

    1. A) To make it easy to install, disassemble one of the supports of the display first with the M3 socket head wrench.
    2. B) Slightly open another support to get the display stuck on the handlebar.
    3. C) Slightly open the disassembled support and buckle it on the handlebar. Fix it with the M3socket head wrench.
    4. D) Fix the display in the middle of the handlebar with the M3 socket head wrench.
    5. E) Open the clip of the display button and buckle it on the handlebar. And use the M2.5 hex wrench to tighten the clip and fix the button.
    6. F) Connect the display cable with the power cord.

    Note: don’t overtighten screws when you install the display. Or it will cause permanent damage to it. The display can be mounted firmly with 0.2N.m torque.

    Step 10: Install Spoke Reflectors

    Step 11: Install The Seat

    1. A) Slide the seat post into the support frame.
    2. B) Adjust the seat to a suitable height and fix it by tightening and locking the quick-release clip.

    Step 12: Turn The Power on

    1. A) Lock the battery and turn the display on. Then it’s ready to go!