Display Guide of M1 Plus

Version 1

Basic Functions & Operations

Power on/off

Long press to turn the machine on/off. When the bicycle isn’t moving and the display hasn’t been used for 10mins, it will turn off all the power automatically.

Light on/off

Long press to turn on/off the LCD backlight and the bike light.

Shifting Speed Level

Short press or to shift among five levels from 1 to 5, including 12, 16, 20, 23 and 25 km/h. It will shift back to the lowest level every time when the display reboots. Level 0 is non-assist mode, which means no electric power. If the bike is in zero start mode, it will go back to level 0 when the display reboots. If it is in non-zero start mode, it will turn to level 1 when the display reboots.

Setting 6km/h Push Mode

Press till the speed mode zone shows “P”. Then the bike will move at a speed no more than 6km/h. The push mode can be turned off by hitting the brake.

Checking More Information

When the LCD display is turned on, short press to shift among ODO, TRIP, VOL and TIME to check their corresponding information, such as trip distance, trip time and real-time battery voltage.

Activating More Functions

First, long press to turn the LCD display on. Then long press and to enter P01 menu. The data shown on the menu can be altered by short pressing or . Then, short press to shift to the next menu. After the adjustment, long press and again to leave the menu page and back to the original page.

P01: adjusting the LCD backlight illuminance; Level 1 is the darkest and level 3 the brightest.

P09: setting the zero/non-zero start; 0 is for zero start and 1 for non-zero start.

P02: changing the mileage unit; 0 is for km, and 1 for mile.

P16: resetting the odometer by pressing for 5 seconds;

Version 2

Battery Level Indicator


Power on/off : long press the on/off button for 3 seconds to turn the display on/off.
Light on/off: short press the light switch to turn the light on/off.
Shifting Speed Level: short press + or - to shift among 5 speed levels, including 12/16/20/23/25 km/h.
6km/h Push Mode: when the bike is at zero speed, long press the light switch to activate the push mode.
Switching Trip Distance/Odometer: short press the light switch twice to switch trip distance with odometer.
Changing Speed Unit: short press the light switch 3 times to switch between “km” and “mile”.
Removing ODO Data: when the display is on, long press the on/off button for 8 seconds till the display flashes. The ODO data will be removed when the display reboots.

Hidden Menu

First, long press both + and - to enter the hidden menu. Second, short press + or - to shift among different menu pages. Different pages are for setting different functions. Third, after selecting the page you want, short press the light switch to stay on this page and short press + or - to set the item on the page. Fourth, short press the light switch again to remain your setting. Last, short press the on/off button to exit the hidden menu.

P1: turning the backlight on/off; 1 means the backlight is off, and 2 means on.

P2: setting the screen timeout within 0-30 minutes; 0 means it never sleeps.

P3: setting the speed limit within 0-25km/h; The default speed limit is 25km/h.

P4: setting the default speed level; 0 means starting at speed level 0, and 1 means starting at speed level 1.