Display Guide of Tankroll

Contents on the Display

Battery Level Indicator


Power on/off: long press the on/off button for 3 seconds to turn the display on/off.
Light on/off: short press the on/off button to turn the light on/off.
Shifting Speed Level: short press + or - to shift among 5 speed levels, including 12/16/20/23/25 km/h.
6km/h Push Mode: when the bike is at zero speed, long press - to activate the push mode.
Switching Trip Distance/Odometer: short press the on/off button twice to switch trip distance with odometer.
Changing Speed Unit: short press the on/off button 3 times to switch between “km” and “mile”.
Removing Odometer Data: when the display is on, long press the on/off button for 8 seconds till the display flashes. The odometer data will be removed when the display reboots.

Hidden Menu

First, long press both + and - to enter the hidden menu. Second, short press the on/off button to shift among different menu pages. Different pages are for setting different functions. Third, after selecting the page you want, short press + or - to set the item on the page. Fourth, after setting, long press both + and - to exit the hidden menu.

P1: adjusting the brightness of the display backlight from level 1 to 3;

P2: setting the speed Limit; The default speed limit is 25km/h.

P3: setting the screen timeout within 0-30 minutes; 0 means it never sleeps.

P4: setting the default speed level; 0 means starting at speed level 0, and 1 means starting at speed level 1.